Thursday, May 19, 2011

The End is Near...

...if you believe this gigantic bag-o-douche, then this Saturday we will all either meet our maker or rot in the bowels of hell for all eternity.

I have to admit I can be a bit like chicken little when it comes to these end of the world shenanigans. Not so much that I'm concerned with "the rapture" but facing my own mortality. I have trouble accepting the fact that one day I'll be dead...rotting in hell for the rest of eternity, I think I can cope with that. The last few weeks I've been making jokes about Judgment Day 2011, even thought of planning an end of the world party and joined quirky groups on Facebook. I have to admit though that come Saturday I'm going to be drinking heavily and gnawing my fingernails down to nubs.

I have parent teacher conferences starting on Monday, I brought all the work home to complete over the weekend. Do I really want to spend my last few days on Earth doing work? If I don't complete my work I'll look like a pretty giant idiot showing up for work saying I didn't get it done because the world was supposed to end on Saturday.

Well that ends this particular rant. I better go stock up on canned goods and zombie warding off gear. See you in hell.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Adventures in Childhood

"Don't fuck with the babysitter."

Or her crazy little Thor wanna be brother.

Dylan has been wearing this thing on her head all night and it totally reminds me of Adventures in Babysitting.