Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They Just Keep Growing and Growing.

Today was a pretty tough and emotional day for me. Today is Justin's 5th birthday, which of course I'm already an emotional mess about because he's growing up way too fast. The real kicker for today is that it was also his first day of Kindergarten. That was just the icing on the emotional cake for me.

I was nervous all night and woke to my stomach doing major back flips this morning. Dylan and I woke him up this morning by barging into his room and singing an extremely off key Happy Birthday. Cue the water works.

Getting him ready for school, watching him put his backpack on, walking out the front door, I nearly burst into tears at every moment.

If he was nervous he didn't show it at all. He was amazingly hyper. I thought he was going to bounce out of his shoes and I had to ask him at least eight hundred times to please be normal.

Poor Dylan, she's never going to have a normal brother.

She's taking it well though.

We drop Dylan off at her class first and then it's off to Kindergarten we go.

When we get inside his class that's when I get really nervous. He's hanging on my legs and hiding behind me not talking to his teacher. To my relief he joins his classmates on the carpet when it's time.

A little Birthday celebration Kindergarten style.

Then it's assignment time.

Oh how I love this kid!

Turns out we all survived the first day of Kindergarten. We'll just have to wait and see if we survive the rest.