Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A HUGE Milestone.

Not for the kids, but for me. I have many, totally irrational fears that cripple me at times. Flying, spiders, snakes, The Candy Man and tornadoes. My biggest fear of all is the dreaded porta potty.

To make a very long, expensive therapy session short...lets just say I would rather wet myself and then walk through a crowded football stadium, than use a porta potty.

After about five seconds in the car tonight Dylan informed us that she had to go potty. This was infuriating to me because I asked her multiple times before we left school if she had to go. She insisted that she did not.

When we arrived at the gas station we found that their restroom was "Out of Order." So we marched outside while she protested, "But mommy I really need to go potty." That's when out of the corner of my eye I see it calling my name. The dreaded portable toilet of death.

I walk back to the car and ask Bryan if he can take her to the porta potty. He refuses and tells me to just go, "You can do it." I shudder as I turn to walk to the blue monstrosity the next parking lot over. As Dylan and I are walking I brace myself for the urine/vomit/shit smell that is awaiting me. When we are just feet away from the toilet a rather large man slams the door shut to the porta potty.

"This is not going to be good," I'm thinking to myself. When finally we arrive at my Nemesis, I open the door and Dylan asks what it is. I fight trying to tell her how horrific and disgusting these things are and say, "It's a toilet." I helped her onto the toilet all the while keeping half my body outside the porta potty.

Yes that's right! I made my 4 year old daughter pee in a porta potty, in the middle of a parking lot, with the door wide open. All because I was scared to close the door and go inside. Either way I'm declaring today a victory for me!

Although, you still couldn't pay me to pee in one of those things.


homeslice said...

jenni, i have to be honest. i wouldn't call this fear "irrational" at all. they scare me too. good for you for sucking it up and dealing!!! imagine the thrill when you can finally pee in one. however, if you can make it through life without ever using one, it would make for an interesting epitaph on your tombstone :-)

Sara said...

That, right there, is why we carry a portable potty for Ry everywhere we go. I cannot stand them, at all. I have to pee constantly and I'd rather self-combust than use them. I will hold it as long as I possible can and then suppress my gagging when I no longer can. I hate toilets in general, so not an irrational fear. One I've been mocked for many times, but not irrational.

KJ said...

I'm with Homey...this is one fear that is totally NOT irrational. Those things are the most disgusting invention ever! Good for you for braving it...you are a better woman than I! :)

Jess said...

Ummm, I'm right there with you! I hate those damn things and there isn't amount of money large enough to make me want to go to the bathroom inside it. So, YAY you! You did get a victory!

kate said...

ewww! A porta potty is one thing, but a porta potty at a gas station?? That's super disgusting!

I hope Dylan learned her lesson...pee at home or you get the porta!!:)

jae said...

Dude, that is awesome of you! I have never used one myself but I have PEERED into one and that did it for me. Good job!