Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My hubby Bryan aka Vanilla Ice

Tonight Dylan was throwing a little bit of a fit and I was trying to get her to calm down. The following is what you would of heard if you were a fly on the wall in the Pastor household:

Me: "Dylan you need to listed to me. Stop and listen."
Dylan: "No I want to go see Auntie Manda!"
Me: "Dylan, stop and listen."
Dylan: "No momma, I want to eat with Auntie Manda!"
Me (almost at my breaking point now): "Stop and listen."
Bryan: "No Dylan, you need to collaborate and then listen."

Thank you, I didn't know Vanilla Ice was in the house.

What could I do after he said that but laugh hysterically, yep that's my hubby.


Liz said...

Thanks for dropping by site (and delurking!)
I look forward to catching up on your blog!

Jessica said...

LOL That is very funny.

Mommy Bits aka ShannanB said...

lol. Hilarious!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I'm re-posting due to a pretty bad typo. Your kids are adorable! Thanks for de-lurking on my site. I'll see ya around, here or at Maya's (or both).

Sheila said...

Too Funny!!

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Very, very cute! Aren't moments like that the best!?

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

pinks & blues girls said...

Haha! Oh no, don't tell me he'll be on the Surreal Life in a couple of years, too!

OK, I'm sharing something very embarrassing right now... I went to a Vanilla Ice concert when I was in 4th grade! Don't judge!

Jane, Pinks & Blues