Monday, October 1, 2007

Roughing it.

This past weekend we packed up the kids, our lovely mutt Chloe (bear protection) and headed off to a cabin in Idyllwild, California. Okay so technically it wasn't camping. I'm sorry but I need a flushing toilet, shelter from bears, coyotes and forest monsters. I was in a cabin, in the woods and not in my bed, so for me that is camping.
We really didn't do anything too exciting, and the days seemed to drag on and on because there wasn't a damn thing to do in that town. But that made it really nice. Bryan kept trying to tell me the cabin was haunted. "Just wait until we look at the pictures from this weekend and we see orbs in all the photos." This little statement was great food for thought when I was awakened by the sound of Justin chatting away early Saturday morning. I woke up and saw him sitting up, looking at the wall and having a conversation. YIKES, freaky kid!

The kids were so good, I couldn't believe it. I almost thought for a minute that we had mixed the kids up with their doppelgangers when we stopped for gas. They ate all their food, didn't fight and they even listened! Except for Justin's early morning hour antics (he kept me up from 1 am until almost 4 on Sunday morning) they were perfect. I swear as soon as we were down the mountain they were back to their normal selves.

As if being in the woods all weekend without sleep wasn't enough torture for me, I decided to take Dylan to Chuck E. Cheese for a friend's birthday party. That was the longest two hours of the entire weekend.

After my long weekend "camping" I want to be right there in the photo at the top of the page. Resting in a hammock, in the woods, without another soul (or monster) around.

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Mommy Bits aka ShannanB said...

I love being outdoors. We are going camping next week when my kindergartener goes on fall break.

There is just something about waking up outside and the way the air feels and smells. It's amazing.