Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Don't Worry, It'll Get Better."

All day I have wondered what made a complete stranger utter these words to me while on shopping with my family in tow.

Bryan and I split up once we hit the store so we could be done before any mayhem broke out. I was lucky enough to be stuck, I mean paired, with Justin. While we were strolling down aisle number 3 of our shopping adventure Justin decided he'd had enough of acting like a normal child. Justin has discovered his super hero power of elastic super stretch arms. Lately when we go to the store (or anywhere for that matter), he reaches out and just grabs whatever he feels like and tries to knock or pull it off the shelf, rack, whatever it's on. So now I have to walk perfectly down the middle of aisles so he doesn't knock everything down.

"Cookie mommy, cracker mommy, snack mommy."
"No Justin, we have all of this at home. Please stop touching." As I'm swatting his arm away to keep him from knocking an entire jar of salsa onto the floor, I hear:

"Don't worry, it'll get better." I glance to my left and there is a very nice woman looking at me with a smile that says: "Oh have I been there."

I told her, "I sure hope so, I'm seriously debating keeping him locked in the house until he's 18." She laughed and gave me one more sympathetic smile and that was that.

Afterward I wondered what brought on these words from this complete stranger. What she'd witnessed Justin doing isn't nearly as bad as the majority of crap he's been doing lately. Perhaps my face said it all. Have I finally turned into a broken mom and all my frustrations were right there on my face for all to see? Whatever prompted it, I just hope she's right!


Alicia said...

It may have just been Justin's age that led her to say it. I get the "it gets easier" pep talk on occasion myself, even when Ellie is sitting there quietly.

HomeSlice said...

i kind of appreciate those comments, especially when given the choice between disapproving glares and the "i feel your pain" look.

i know from personal experience that it DOES pass. your story made me giggle - Arden and Lily used to try to "bowl" with the items on the shelves as we walked down the aisle. CAN YOU SAY ANNOYING?!?!?

Jess said...

You know what, it was probably just because of his age. It does get better Jenn and your not a broken mom, you're great! Liam still does this crap and it is the reason I go shopping alone, but Aiden is fun at the store now, so...there is hope!

Christina said...

Yes, Jess is right, there is hope! Older kids are so much easier to deal with in public... usually. I'm sure it was just a sympathetic mom flashing back to her own days of toddler shopping and saying what she wished people had said to her.

Sara said...

There are definitely days that I could use that encouragement. Namely every day. Grabby hands are so much fun! I'm always afraid someone is going to yell at me because I can get so upset with him. I'll take sympathy any day.

Julia said...

It sounds like she may have been one of those moms who are done raising their children and go out shopping just to gloat to those of us who aren't finished yet. hehehehe.

It's so funny, when you describe Justin grabbing and pulling things down no matter where he is, I totally thought of yesterday at the crafty store with Zach. He has short arms, but holy freaking cow, they can stretch.

IE Mom Blogger - Christine said...

Funny, I know I have been there. Just found your blog and really enjoyed this entry. I have twin girls and more often than not, I know I have that look. Although it does make for some comical blogging. Swing on by my blog and visit...I am sure that reading about my "darlings" might make you feel a whole lot better, lol