Monday, September 1, 2008

Wine Connoisseur

That's not grape juice staining my two year olds shirt and face my friends. Nope that is wine.

Let me back track a little for you. Bryan and I were playing hide and seek with the kids tonight. It was our turn to hide so we were hiding in our closet. The kids were running around trying to find us and they couldn't. Then from the kitchen we hear Dylan:

"Justin you have wine! You spilled the wine!"

Bryan and I look at each other and then go bolting out of the closet. There we see our little boy with a wine stained shirt and wine stained lips. I asked Justin if that was good juice, "Yeah Mommy!"

I'm still amazed that he managed to climb onto the chair, climb onto the table, take a drink and not break my favorite wine glass.


HomeSlice said...

just wait til he drinks his regular juice, and spits it back at you, screaming, "What is this VILE swill, WOMAN!!!"

that is very funny.

Jess said...

Hahahahahaha! When my kids tried my "juice" they spat it back out. Apparently, your kid knows good stuff when he sees it. Now, if he could just wait until he is legal to drink it.

Alicia said...

He liked it? Whoa, watch out, Jenni. Your kid has an expensive palate.

Sara said...

That's awesome. Well, not really, but that he didn't break the glass and lose all the wine. Bet you needed some after that.

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

I am surprised he liked it. I have a hard time with reds. Can't get into them..... notice how I just go on as if it's about the type of wine and not the wine itself, lol.

Very cute.