Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Incredible (Potty Training) Hulk

Potty training has to be my least favorite thing in the world to do. It's so frustrating and honestly I don't have the patience to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes to avoid accidents.

I was hoping it would be easier for Justin, the kid has been pooping in the toilet since his second birthday. He already had the hard part down, getting him to pee was going to be a breeze, or so I thought. I started by buying some Mickey Mouse underwear for Justin. He was very excited about wearing Mickey and to my surprise he could stay dry for up to two hours. However he wouldn't tell me he had to pee. He would just come up to me and tell me, "Mommy I wet on ground." Then I was off to find the wet spot on the carpet. It's worse than house breaking a puppy.

Lately Justin has had a HUGE obsession with The Hulk. When I was trying to get him to pee I'd ask him if he wanted to make The Hulk happy? I bribed him with some Hulk underwear, but he still wouldn't really go in the toilet. The kid was scared for some reason. He'd tell me he would have to go, but I'd have to fight him to get him to sit on the toilet.

I was ready to throw in the toilet paper when I decided to go ahead a buy The Hulk underwear as a last resort. I'm happy to say that he has been in his new Hulk underwear all weekend (except for nap and bedtime) and he's only had one accident.

He's told me every time he's had to pee and I haven't had to fight him at all. When he's done he tells his Hulk underwear he went pee and asks, "Hulk happy?"

I could kiss The Hulk! Well perhaps if I didn't have a deep down, still lurking, childhood fear of The Hulk.

The true test will be tomorrow at school. Justin will be wearing his Hulk underwear to school, keep your fingers crossed The Hulk stays dry.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Thank God for the Incredible Hulk, huh!? Good luck tomorrow!!

Annita said...

You don't want to mess with Hulk and get him angry! Great job finding a trick that works Jenni.

jae said...

Awww, little man... HULK HAPPEE!!! Yay for him overcoming his fear. Maybe he's more afraid of the Hulk than he is the toilet monster :D

Jess said...

That's awesome! Want to come and train Liam? He's nearly 3 and has not master the potty. It freaking sucks!

Alicia said...

Yay for The Hulk. The Hulk no smash Justin.

Sara said...

The Hulk worked for us too,in the form of the huge, obnoxiously loud hands. Having them sit on the counter for a week staring at him was a huge motivator. I heart the Hulk.