Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will the '80s Die Already?

I know I don't get out much. Between work, kids and a hour and a half commute every day,I don't see much of the world outside of my own little bubble. So, can somebody tell me when hideous '80s fashion snuck its way back into this world? I thought all that crap was dead and buried. Gone in a freak fire caused from all the hairspray used for that big '80s hair.

I went to the mall today and actually thought for a moment that I walked into a terrible '80s time warp. In every store I went in there were bright fluorescent green, pink, yellow and blue shirts. Those terrible jeans. You know, the ones you had to jump off your bed to get into because they were so tight. If they weren't the freakishly tight jeans, they were the even more hideous jeans in any shade you can imagine.

I saw teen after teen picking this stuff (or should I say crap) up off the rack and buying it. I wanted to pull them aside and tell them they would live to regret this fashion choice one day.

I'll admit I'm not the most fashionable person in the world. Give me a comfortable pair of jeans, a tank top and flip flops and I'm all set. But seriously what was so great about the '80s that somebody felt they had to bring this fashion back from the dead? If you want to bring something back from the '80s it should be the music!


HomeSlice said...

no kidding. neon ANYTHING is something that should stay buried. now bring back wham!, duran duran, and some a-ha and that would be fine with me.

cathy said...

Dear god...NOOOOO!!! Maybe they should start covering 80s and 80s fashion in schools. After all, they do say that those who forget history are destined to repeat it. And do we really need to see all that rehashed?

(You better stock up on Aquanet anyway...just in case)

Jess said...

I know!!! My SIL and I were shopping other day and I had the same reaction! And then, I saw a picture of Katie Holmes wearing peg-leg jeans... OMG! I hope this goes as fast as it came!

Alicia said...

Isn't it both terrible and atrocious? I look at these girls wearing all that crap and want to pull them aside and tell them they look ridiculous. And those long skinny sweaters with the leggings. GAG. Make it stop. I even saw someone wearing cuff boots the other day. That is just so wrong.

jae said...

Oh god, the 80's are alive and well in Australia too. I have to admit I like aspects of the fashion and can see the appeal, but the rest of the 80's style is gag-irific.