Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Football Insults to Rogue Tampons.

I completely thought that not working I'd be more on top of my blog. Turns out I like procrastinating blogging as well, who knew? I have at least 5 posts backlogged in my brain, ready for writing, but that's where they seem content to stay. Collecting dust in my brain (with so many other great ideas of mine). Here are some of my favorite the most memorable moments from this week:

*While watching Monday Night Football I started yelling obscenities at Jay Cutler (a common occurrence anytime football is on). Justin then decided he was going to join in, "Yeah! Go home and color a picture for your mommy!" He came back up to me a minute or two later and said he had a better one, "Go ribbon dance for your mother!" At that point Dylan decided she was going to throw her insults out on the table as well, "Go home and put your pantyhose and makeup on like your mother!" They are now invited to every football party/game/event for the rest of eternity.

*That same night, not long after the football insult party, the kids scurried off to the backyard to bother the neighbors for awhile. Soon after I found myself sticking my head out of the back door yelling and the dogs and my kids to stop barking! "But mom, we're dogs like Dexter and Chloe!" Really?!

*A/C broke two weekends ago. Hubby said not to worry because at least it was October and we wouldn't need it anymore. Yeah, okay. Tell that to the lovely SoCal hot ass October weather. 100+ degrees yesterday and today. Hello Mother Nature, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Fall. These temperatures are not acceptable for October! Thank you!

*Topping off the excitement for the week happened this morning. After checking out at the grocery store today, I reached into my purse to grab my sunglasses. Somehow a tampon had twisted itself around and wedged itself in my sunglasses. The best part was I stared at the damned thing for about 30 seconds first before I could figure out what the hell was stuck in my sunglasses. The cashier looked at me with disgust. You would think I had a head full of tampons.

Cheers to the excitement of the week. Son of a bitch, it's too damn hot to drink wine. Guess I'll have to stick to water...for now ;)

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StaceyBGood said...

"Go Ribbon Dance for your mother" is my absolute favorite insult of all time. Burn!

I'm totally stealing it Justin.