Thursday, September 27, 2007

I heart Yoga!

Last night I finally made it to the Yoga class I've been waiting months to take. Since moving back to California I've been looking for a Yoga class to take, but haven't found one yet that wasn't at the ass crack of dawn.

As I mentioned in a previous post Bryan and I joined a gym and to my delight I saw they have Yoga classes. I was going to try and take one during the day, but after the last debacle with the childcare at the gym I'm pretty sure that option is out.

I've never taken Yoga in a class before,. I've done it at home in front of my TV with the help of a DVD, a then 1 year old Dylan, and Bryan laughing at me or trying to push me over. That was the last time I ever did Yoga in my house or at all for that matter.

I decided last night was the night to start my Yoga experience again. I arrived about 10 minutes early and stood outside of the class waiting. I get in class and my mini anxiety attack begins. I start looking for somebody "nice and friendly" to sit next to (a lot like I did the first day of class every year in high school). Everybody starting spreading out their mat on the floor, but I didn't know the mat etiquette for yoga. How close should I be to the person beside me? Should my mat be parallel with theirs or should I stagger it some? Oh the questions and yet not a soul to ask!

Finally I get myself situated and notice people are stretching, so I begin doing a little stretching so I at least appear to know what the hell I'm doing. The instructor walks in and she is a tiny little thing. I've been made fun of my whole life by my friends for pretty much being a stick (I've been called beanpole more times than I can count), but this girl's legs were even more stickly than mine! I figure we're going to start off slow, oh no! I was working up a sweat about 6 minutes in. And I made a comment to Bryan before leaving that Yoga was relaxing, sure it is!

Once I stopped worrying about if I was doing the poses right and remembered to breathe, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I don't think the gentleman next to me, who got dragged there by his wife, felt the same way. I think I counted about 10 "Oh shits" coming out of his mouth. I felt so good after class and was so proud of myself for making it an hour without passing out in the middle of class. And unlike my workout from Saturday I didn't feel completely dead after class, I felt energized. I can actually say that this is one workout I plan on sticking with. Plus it'll be nice to get away from kids and Bryan and have an hour all to myself. Well I guess myself and my fellow Yoga classmates.

Note to me for next time don't stand behind the girl wearing the lose fitting shorts. Lets just say during downward dog I caught a glance of a little more than I wanted to see...ouch my eyes!


Mommy Bits aka ShannanB said...

I've always wanted to try yoga but have been afraid of looking like a goof ball infront of others. i am so jealous that you did it. Congrats, maybe I will make the leap finally.

Ps... Does it help with stress relief? That is what I need....

SoCalJenni said...

Well I've only gone once so far, but my stress level after was great. So we'll see if it stays that way!