Wednesday, March 23, 2011

T-Minus 5 Months

Today I registered my baby boy for kindergarten. I was WAY more emotional than I thought I would be. My friend Brenda told me I was going to cry, "I know you Jenni, you're going to cry." Damn her, she was pretty close to being right. I did have to fight back a few tears, but I maintained my composure pretty well (I think).

It's so hard for me to cope with the fact that my kids are growing up. It still seems to me like only a few months ago I held them for the first time. Just weeks ago I watched their first time rolling over, scooting, crawling, first steps and heard their first words. Just yesterday I was wiping away their tears. Oh wait, that probably was yesterday. I'm sure one, if not both of them, threw some sort of tantrum yesterday.

I stood in the Elementary School's office today just bewildered, wondering how time had slipped by so quickly. There is NO WAY, my baby is old enough to be going to kindergarten in five months! In fact on August 10, 2011, Justin's 5th birthday, he will be starting kindergarten. 5 years to the day after this:

He will officially be a "big boy." Excuse me while I wipe my tears and go steal a kiss from my sleeping babes.

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Jess said...

Oh, Jenni...I know. I just registered Liam and somehow it was harder than registering Aiden. Maybe it is because they are our youngest. I don't know. While I was registering Liam I kept thinking, he's not old enough, he's not big enough, he's not ready. May be I'm not ready :(