Monday, August 20, 2007

Another year, another birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday (happy birthday to me) and as the years tick by, I find it's not as scary getting older as I had imagined it when I was a kid. However, I do find that I don't get excited about my birthday 6 months in advance like I used to. But I do love celebrating my birthday with my hubby and our kids. It's so much more fun than having a big birthday bash with friends (although I wouldn't object if hubby put together a surprise bash for me).

I spent the majority of my day in the car driving back from Vegas, which was not the highlight of the day. When I finally go home I was so happy to see my kids again, even though the first thing out of Dylan's mouth when she saw me was "Mommy what did you bring me?!" And of course Justin waiting until 5 minutes before I walked into the door to make me a special dirty diaper surprise for my birthday. We had a nice dinner, Dylan helped me open my presents and then we had cake. My favorite present was that the kids went to bed without putting up a fight for once!

The best part of my birthday is knowing that I share it with: Bill Clinton, John Stamos, Matthew Perry and Mei Sheng (the Panda here at the San Diego Zoo).


mom in the know said...

How old ....

Jade said...

Good morning,
I hope you had a good Birthday! I wanted to ask you, How did you get the recent readers poll in your Blog to show up with pictures? I got the code but mine doesn't show any pictures??
Have a great day