Friday, August 17, 2007

The bumper sticker says it all.

While driving to Dylan's dance class this morning I merged onto the freeway on my favorite on-ramp, and nestled myself in between a large truck and granny who was driving about 35 mph. Once I got myself nice and cozy on the freeway I noticed the truck in front of me was carrying HUGE rocks. Not just one gigantic rock, but many gigantic rocks. Rocks so big that if one would have fallen out of his truck and I ran into it, it wouldn't have been pretty.

Immediately I started playing out a scenario in my head, very much like those seen in Final Destination. Of course I'm waiting forever to get around this truck because people on California freeways don't know how to drive. Speed up or slow down people, don't drive the exact same speed as me right next to me or in my freaking blind spot!

So as I impatiently wait for my turn to get around the truck of death, I notice a bumper sticker on the back of said truck. I have never seen a more perfect sticker for any vehicle on the road..."Fear This."

Message received truck of death, thanks for the warning.

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