Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Damn you Diego

Either TV has turned my daughter into one smart cookie or the biggest two year old smart ass on the planet.

My daughter is obsessed with Diego, she got over Dora pretty quick thank goodness, but now it's all about Diego and his Rescue Pack. Last week Dylan and Justin went to their Auntie's house so we could go to dinner with some friends. Dylan brought her new Diego movie with her to share with Auntie. When we went to pick the kids up Auntie asked how many times she'd seen this movie. "Never" I said, "We just bought it for her the other day." She told me Dylan spent the whole movie correcting her about what the animals were:

A: "Look at the kitty Dylan"
D: "That not a kitty, it's a jaguar!"
A: "Isn't that a pretty bird Dylan?"
D: "Its a macaw!"

And yesterday at lunch she again corrected somebody, "Look at the picture of that frog Dylan." This was my little girls response, "No, it a red eye tree frog." I almost died from laughing so hard. My friend just looked at me and I said, "Well it is a red eyed tree frog, she's just telling you."

There has to be some good from cartoons, I can guarantee you I didn't know what a red eyed tree frog was when I was 2.5. So thanks Diego for turning my daughter into a smart ass. I can't be too mad at you though, the kid can count to 5 in Spanish already, which I would have never even thought to teach her.

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