Monday, August 13, 2007

I've finally figured out what I'm worth.

And it amounts to all of about $4, how did I come up with this earth shattering price? While folding laundry today I found money hidden throughout the pile of our clean clothes. The first dollar bill I found was curled up at the bottom of the dryer. "SCORE!" I thought to myself as I did a little happy dance with Dylan around the living room.

I found two more dollar bills and was trying to figure out where the money came from. I never have cash on me, so I figured it was from hubby's pockets. My pay day had finally arrived! Then as I uncovered the fourth dollar bill my idea of it being my payday came crashing down. Suddenly it all came rushing back, last night going to get dinner, my mom handing me four crisp dollar bills.

No payday for me, guess I'm back to being worth zero! Although I should keep her money. Kind of a payback for when she washed my clothes growing up and I'd leave money in my pocket. "Sorry Jennifer, you left the money in your pocket. It's now in my dryer, just think of it as you paying me for doing your laundry." Grrrr, mom wins again!

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