Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A child's guide to beating the heat

Yesterday it was unbelievably hot at my house a whopping 104 degrees. Seriously I live in SD, not the middle of Death Valley, it's not supposed to get that freaking hot! Well in all of my infinite wisdom, I decided, (uh...let hubby talk me into) taking the kids to Legoland. "It's not as hot there as it is at the house," he tells me.

So I pack up the kids for an afternoon of sweaty fun. It was actually really nice because nobody was there. Unlike me they were smart sitting inside on their butts in their nice air conditioned houses! We weren't there for long, but by the time we were done the kids were giant sweat puddles.

At home I had to finish dinner and Dylan went outside to help grandma water the flowers. I look outside to see my daughter's idea of how to cool off. She's naked except for her underwear and her rain boots, jumping in mud puddles that grandma made for her. That is one way to cool off I suppose and it sure looked like she was having a lot of fun.

I would post a picture, but I'm sure she'll hate me enough by the time she gets to be a teen. I don't need her finding out about me posting pics of her on the Internet in her underwear when she was little...don't want to give her any future ammunition.

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