Thursday, September 6, 2007

One more giant step...

...towards becoming a big girl. We've been working on Dylan putting her clothes on all by herself. She's fine putting on her underwear and her pants/shorts/skirt but putting on her shirt has been a whole different story. That is until tonight.

After dinner she went and found her shirt (she had to take it off before dinner because we had enchiladas, very messy) and suddenly she called to me, "Look at me mamma!"

I looked up from the dishes to see my daughter's cute little head poking out through her shirt. It took her about 3 minutes and I kept asking her if she wanted my help, but she insisted she could do it by herself. Finally she conquered that shirt, sure it was on inside out but who cares, she did it all by herself!

Of course we did a little happy dance afterwards to celebrate! Look out big girl world here she comes!

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mom in the know said...

What size is Dylan? I have a shirt she might be able to 'test'