Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's going to be one of those days.

Do you ever just wake up some mornings and realize as soon as you get out of bed it's not going to be a good day?

Dylan was supposed to be watching cartoons in my bed, as she does every morning until I'm ready to drag my lazy self out of bed. Well I guess she was practicing her somersaults in my bed, because I awoke to a tiny little foot slamming into my kidney right as she came out of her somersault. Felt great, lemma tell ya!

Then we're in the living room for not even 2 minutes when Dylan and Justin start screaming at each other and fighting over toys. Come on kids, at least let me have a cup of coffee first before you start acting like demon children. Bryan called me to say hi and all he could hear was the beginnings of WWIII in our house. "No, Justin that my toy, NO JUSTIN! NO! NO! NO! GO AWAY JUSTIN YOU NOT MY BROTHER ANYMORE!"

"Geez already huh? You're going to have a long day." No freaking kidding. These kids are making my decision to go back to work easier and easier by the second.

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Mommy Bits said...

Man. Don't you love mornings like that?? They always just leave me puzzled... like what could have happened between going to bed and waking up that makes the two of you want to beat on each other?