Friday, May 11, 2007

Date Night

Finally the night I have been dreaming of for what seems like forever...a date with my husband. Oh sure we've gone out since the kids have been born a movie here and quick dinner date there. This though was going to be a date night for the record books...a get all gussied up going out event.

The thought of actually getting to have conversations that didn't include the words: potty, nap, time-out, share, juice or bottle kept me giddy with anticipation. So much so that when my husband called me on the phone 4 hours before this magical event to tell me that it wasn't going to be as nice as he originally thought. I suddenly felt as if I was back in high school and had been stood up by the quarterback of the football team. What did he mean not as nice as he'd thought. I went out and bought the most perfect little black dress that I looked fabulous in, hell I'd even shaved my legs. "What's the big deal" he told me "Don't you just have a pair of slacks you can wear?" Oh the one minute I was going to get all dolled up to go socialize and the next minute I was just getting dressed up as if I was going for just a regular day at the office.

My horror however was short lived, about an hour later he called back and told me never mind forget the slacks...little black dress was a go. I soaked in every minute of getting ready and finally my prince charming and I were ready to ride off in our pumpkin to the ball. Instead of my fairy godmother warning me of being home at midnight I left with the words of my daughter ringing in my ear "Mommy beautiful." And with that we were off for our adult infused evening.

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Tiger Lilly said...

That is so sweet! "Mommy Beautiful" I love that!