Thursday, May 10, 2007

I think the Karma Gods made a serious mistake!

I'm pretty sure the Karma Gods made a mistake when constructing my beloved little girls personality. She really is a great kid; she's well behaved and very happy, but there is one thing about her that in my opinion was meant for my brothers unborn children.

The other night I went to the mall because I needed to get a dress for a banquet for my husbands work (I'll take any excuse to buy a new dress and a pair of shoes)! Shopping trips usually aren't too big of a fiasco...I mean she's your typical 2.5 year old, she's not out of control, just overly curious. She was pretty much asleep when we got to the mall so I figured she'd be especially good....WRONG!

The first store we were in she was running up and down a row of dresses with her arms outstretched hitting all the dresses as she ran past yelling "Beautiful dresses Mommy!" While the sales girl who has obviously never been around a rambunctious 2 year old before shot me dirty looks from her register. The next store wasn't much better. I was looking through a rack of dresses and looked down at my side to where Dylan should have been standing, but she wasn't there. I looked at my Mom and asked her where Dylan was and she pointed quietly at the rack of dresses where my daughter had managed to camouflage everything but one blue eye that was peeking out at me. Then I made the biggest mistake of them all...I brought her into the dressing room with me. Once in there she decided while I was in mid-zip to throw open the dressing room door (and of course I had the dressing room that was in clear view of the entire store). Now I've made this mistake before, so I was prepared and jumped behind the door just in time.

I was always such a good kid, never giving my Mom and kind of trouble (from what I can remember and in my humble opinion). My brother however used to do the same kinds of things to my Mom: hiding in stores, peeking under dressing room/bathroom stalls the whole bit. This is why I say the Karma Gods have clearly made a mistake and blessed me with a version of my baby brother...YIKES!

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