Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Disney Channel

Thanks to you Disney channel, today is a very sad day in the SoCalHouse. For whatever reason you have decided to change up your TV schedule. Now doing this to a two year old is like knocking the earth off its axis. The way she is carrying on you would think her favorite teddy bear met an untimely demise thanks to Cassie the Beagle of Terror in the backyard. All my little girl wants to do is watch Mickey Mouse Club House and then "Black Mickey Mouse" (AKA House of Mouse). Thankfully Mickey Mouse Club House is still safe (good thing because I don't think she'd ever get over it) however House of Mouse has taken over the coveted ass crack of dawn time slot. The Doodlebops and Wiggles were also moved to the ass crack of dawn time slot.

Now I'm not complaining one bit about the Wiggles or the Doodlebops. Between you and me Disney Channel if I would have woken up one more time in the middle of the night saying that damn doodlebop pledge I think I would have run off to the looney bin.

Now PBS if we could do something about that crybaby called Caillou!

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