Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May Gray

Here I find myself located in supposedly one of the most climate desired cities to live in, sunny San Diego California. Okay so if that is true what is with all of this May gray crap?! The last year and a half I've been in the snowy desert that is Salt Lake City, so when I'd found out we were moving back to Southern California I packed up my bikini and sunscreen and threw out the winter coat and long underwear.

In my eagerness to leave behind the snow and cold for nothing but sun, sun, sun I forgot about the lovely weather phenomenons of May gray and June gloom. For those of you not from the area, these terms are how the meteorologists refer to our lovely fog/cloud cover that just sits in the sky like a big thick gray blanket for pretty much for the entire months of May & June. The sun will creep out from behind the clouds for oh about 15 minutes every other day or so. Just long enough to give you a tease and send you scrambling for the kids and the sunscreen. You spend that 15 minutes getting everyone all lathered up and then as soon as your big toe hits the cement the sun will jump back behind these nasty clouds, shrieking with laughter, looking down at you while you stand there, with a look of bewilderment on your face clad in your swimsuit, sunglasses and big floppy sun hat. I don't mind the sun not shining but at least if it's going to be cloudy can we at least get a little rain out of the deal! I mean come on, it's been cloudy here every day for like the last 100 years...okay more like week and a half, but it sure feels like it's been that long.

From the way I'm talking you would think it's like 50 degrees outside, well it's more like mid 60's probably. I know, I know spoiled Californians, but being in Southern California we get very spoiled with our weather. If the temperature varies a degree or two in either direction from 76 then we are complaining like a group of kindergartners: "It's only 70 outside today we can't go to the beach" or "It's 81 I wish we had invested in that air conditioning unit."

So darling sun, I think I speak for all of the spoiled rotten Southern Californians when I say: "Enough of the May gray, bring on the sunshine that makes us beautiful San Diego!"

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