Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Has anybody seen my dignity?

I'm pretty sure I left it at checkout lane #2 in Target. So if anybody happens by there and sees my dignity lying there trampled over, would you please pick it up and mail it to me. Oh to hell with it, you can just keep it.

Tonight I went to go to Target because there are a few things I needed to pick up for Justin's Birthday invitations. Plus I'll take any excuse to go to Target. Bryan's working late so I brought my mom with me, you know, safety in numbers. With two of us watching the kids we can play man-to-man defense rather than zone (I have to say thank you to Uncle F for the most brilliant sports/parenting analogy I've ever heard in my entire life). Yeah so much for that idea.

We should have turned around 2 seconds after we pulled out of the driveway because that's when the first of Justin's many tantrums began. I figured he wanted out of the car and he'd be fine once we were at Target...nope and nope. He was having such a fit in the store I took him out of the cart and held him, but he still kept crying. No not crying, screaming! I don't know what his problem was. It could have been a number of things: teething, tired, terrible twos (even though he's not even 1 yet) or he's just a crybaby mama's boy.

Now it wouldn't be so bad if he was the only one acting up, but Dylan was a NIGHTMARE! She's usually so well behaved, I don't know what happened to her. She was running around the store almost getting knocked out by shopping carts. She was running through all the aisles touching everything and telling me "Wait a minute I looking at this." I was trying to find something and she decided it was the perfect time to start playing red light green light. When we didn't stop for the red light she started screaming at us in the middle of the aisle!

The coup de grace of the night was standing in line to checkout. I asked my mom to take Justin to the car since he was still crying. I was trying to pay for my 3 measly items and Dylan decided that was the perfect time to practice her shopping cart driving abilities! Well she needs to work on that a little because she nearly ran over the lady standing behind me in line! Yes ladies and gentleman tonight I was "that mom" with "those kids."

I must be a glutton for punishment though because after Target I still went over to Michaels to get the things I couldn't find at Target!

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KentuckyGal said...

You poor thing! Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!