Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Justin aka The Incredible Hulk

Either my son is angry and is turning into The Incredible Hulk, or he got a hold of a green marker. Thankfully he found a green marker his sister left out without the lid on it and decided it would make a great pacifier.
If he was turning into The Incredible Hulk, I'd have to run from my house screaming and crying because I'm deathly afraid of The Hulk. I remember when I was little my brother would watch The Incredible Hulk TV show and I would cower behind the couch in fear. Sorry, little bit of a tangent there.
I think today wasn't a particularly good "mommy day" because this morning I caught him playing (actually splashing) in the toilet. If only he knew what goes on in there, I think he'd find somewhere else to play! Now if he would have discovered the fun of splashing in the toilet AFTER he turned himself green I wouldn't of had to clean up any mess!

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KentuckyGal said...

If only he would've gotten that switched around!