Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How rude!

To all my fellow 80's TV loving friends please say the title as Stephanie from "Full House" used to.

Okay so yesterday we went to Temecula to say goodbye to hubby's family after all the wedding hoopla. Of course there's a million bazillion of them there so I'm ready for the kids to start freaking out.

I swear I need an extra set of legs and arms at family gatherings because the kids are always hanging off me....they don't want anything to do with daddy (probably because it's his family so they think secretly he's one of them).

Dylan was throwing a fit because she wanted me to hold her, but I couldn't because Justin is practicing his walking skills. Also there is a pool in his Aunt's backyard so the ratio in that situation jumps to 1 on 1! And of course Justin was being his usual mamma's boy self, crying whenever I wasn't holding him or whenever I walked past him.

Towards the end of the night I was in the house letting him crawl around (I had to forgo swimming because he didn't want any part of being corralled in his playpen) while Dylan & hubby were living the good life swimming in the pool. It was way past his bedtime and he was really getting sick of these people, and I can't say I blame him. He tried to pull himself up on my legs, missed and smacked his head on my knee. Not really a big deal, but he was tired so his reaction let everyone know this was a code red injury, which then led to a Justin sized temper tantrum.
Some distant relative of Bryan's (who I've only met twice in my life) says, "Jeez what's wrong with those kids?" Oh I don't know lady, maybe the fact you guys are up in his face (as you all have been for the last week), and you Italians are a scary bunch, always with you kissing and hugging! Leave my kids alone already, they don't want to talk to you, if they did they would come up to you and say "hi" or something. When I first started dating hubby his family freaked me out. Everybody was hugging and kissing me the first time I met them. We've been together for 8 years now & I still get creeped out whenever I have to kiss Nana. So I know how my kids feel, I'm sure in 8 years or so they'll be okay with all of this.

I couldn't believe she said that, I thought that was so rude! I would have said some smart remark to her, but I'm pretty sure her husband has ties to the mafia, so I just let it slide. Come on my kids are still babies, give them a break!

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Anonymous said...

Reign in your brats and give the rest of us a break. I have 4 kids and no one tells me "whats wrong with those kids...?" because my kid sknow how to behave in public. Inside my own hous eis another story and I'm not going there but in public? We call it "restaurant behaviour" and there are dire consequences for not doing it.