Monday, July 30, 2007

I think my kids hate me.

Really I do, I know you're thinking to yourself, "But look at how adorable those two are, they must be the most well behaved kids on the planet!" Oh you are so wrong. They are good for anybody else whose name isn't mom, mommy, ma or mama.

Justin screams, cries or a combination of both most days. While Dylan pushes Justin, hits him, yells at me, doesn't listen, screams, cries and hits Justin some more. I have about 20 minutes a day when they are well behaved for me and that's usually while they are eating. Then the minute anybody else gets home they are standing at the door with perfect posture, hands behind their backs, faces clean, big smiles on their faces with their halos on nice and tight.

I fight my way through the week knowing that reinforcements will be arriving for the weekend. I'll no longer be locked in the solitary of my house and I'll finally get out into the world of the living. Well Friday I got out of the house only for Dylan's dance class. Which really didn't count because I was still locked inside a building with screaming kids who weren't listening. Then Bryan went golfing and alas I was alone again.
Saturday we were set to go to Sam's Club, not exciting I know, but I was getting out of the house! Or so I thought, Justin was throwing a fit in the car so Bryan actually turned the car around and said he wasn't going to the store with him. So guess who gets stuck at home again ME! Bryan will get moments of behavior like that from the kids, but whenever he watches them he always tells me they were, "So good."
And whenever anybody else watches the kids for me they are perfect. Actually whenver I'm not around at all they are perfect. Either the kids hate me, or there's a giant conspiracy going on between the kids and everyone else in my life trying to make me a complete nut job by the time I'm 30!

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Sheila said...

My sister and I both agreed that the closer our kids got to the age of 3, the more "terrible" they became. And my two were always better for everyone else other than me. This was a great comfort when they started school. As long as they behaved at school, they could "let loose" a little at home. Hang in there!