Saturday, July 7, 2007

What a joke!

Last night was the Rehearsal Dinner for a family members wedding in which Dylan will be the flower girl. Lets just say everything went fantastic! Yeah right, it was such a freaking nightmare.
Dylan fell asleep in the car on the ride over, so she wasn't too thrilled when she woke up. Of course we get to the ceremony site and everybody starts crowding in her face and she starts freaking out. And you would think they would go away when she starts screaming and crying...oh no! Some people must think when she starts crying it really means, "please come stick your big ugly grape right in my face some more and keep on talking." No you jackasses, it's a two year olds way of saying, "Leave me the f**k alone!"

So she didn't make it down the aisle during practice, there was lots of screaming and tears (even more than I'd tried to prepare myself for). She almost made it one time until she rounded the corner and saw all of the people who'd just got done pissing her off standing there staring at her. After all the excitement wore off we took her back outside later to practice more and she actually did it, even holding the ring bearers hand. We have a couple plans of attack lined up, one including me walking/dragging her down the aisle (which I'm not even in the wedding so I could see the excitement on the brides face when we suggested that one).

So I was nervous before about tonight, now I'm going insane. I think tonight I'll be drinking some liquid courage for both of us before hand.


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KentuckyGal said...

Have a drink for me too, mama girl. :) I'm sure your little 'un will do fine. :)