Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well this is new!

Just when you think you've got the little terrors figured out they go and throw a monkey wrench into your smooth running operation. Justin wasn't a particularly good sleeper until very recently. He used to wake up multiple times a night, would only sleep until about 6 am and he'd take about three 30 minutes naps a day. Actually for me those didn't even qualify as a nap, they were more like a tease of the quietness I thought I'd never have again.

Well after much manipulation and plan tweaking I finally have a happy sleeper, or so I thought. Three nights ago Justin started something I've never seen before from the likes of him; a full fledged temper tantrum when I tried to put him to bed. Now this kid can throw a fit to rival the worst of the worst terrible two year old, but he's always happily gone to bed. So that night I let him cry it out, I know I'm an awful mother, but he eventually stopped (it only lasted about 15 minutes tops).

I just figured he was having an off night, so the next night when he again started freaking out I wondered what was going on. I picked him up, sang him a mean rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and tried to plop him back into his crib. I say tried, because, suddenly the kid developed super human strength. He wrapped his legs around my waist and held onto my arms like I was about to drop him into a pit full of snakes. When I pried one of his hands loose he decided the best way to stay out of the crib was to take a firm hold onto mommy's pony tail! OUCH, I think I have a bald spot now on the side of my head! Again I let him cry himself to sleep and again I know I'm a horrible mother.

Tonight, what do you freaking know, another tantrum at bedtime. I figured maybe he didn't like last nights song so I decided on a little diddy called "A, B, C, D, Dinosaur" but he didn't like that either. Hmmm, maybe it's my singing voice? After an extra set of hugs and kisses, and telling him how much I love him, I managed to get him into bed without losing anymore hair. He did cry again, but it lasted only a few minutes this time.

Maybe the kid was challenging me to some sort of bedtime battle, who knows! Well if he was I clearly won, so sorry Justin! Final score: Mommy 3 Justin 0!

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