Monday, July 16, 2007

Nerd Alert!

It's no secret to those who know and love me that I'm probably the biggest nerd you'll ever meet. I love reading especially Shakespeare, my favorite class in college was geology. I thought about changing my major to geology, but while I love science courses, in general I'm a horrible student. I'm proud to admit I miss watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on Saturday Nights with my mom. And I also love to dance. You may be asking yourself "well what's so nerdy about that?" Well lets just say last weekend while attending a family members wedding I was busting out with the greatest dance moves of the 80s. What can I say, I enjoy my 80s dance moves.

Okay, onto the reason for this post. Saturday night hubby and I were supposed to go out for dinner ALONE (I couldn't believe it, 2 hours all to ourselves)! Well plans changed about 20 minutes before we left and we ended up going out with a group of friends for S's birthday. After dinner they all wanted to go out to a bar. Now I'm not much of a bar fan, never have been. I hate trying to shout my conversation to the person who's sitting right in front of my face. And as I said, my dance moves are in serious need of updating, so I don't do clubs either. Bryan is about as big of a fan as the bars as I am, but since it was S's birthday we decided to go with them to have one drink.

So we walk the few blocks to the bar and there's already a line outside. We're standing there for 10 minutes not moving, I look at my watch and think to myself: Wow it's getting late, it's 9:30 (nerd). I turn to Bryan and ask him if he thinks we should go get our car and move over closer to the bar. We had to park in valet, because there wasn't anywhere to park by the restaurant and we were told we needed to pick up our keys by 10:00. We tell our friends we're going to get our car and we'll be back. I figure as slow as the line is moving to get into this "Too Cool Bar" we'll be back before they even get in.

So we get back to get our keys and "Broseph" is totally grateful so he can go home and do whatever it is "Broseph" surfer boys do *wink *wink. We drive back to the bar and start cheering and patting ourselves on the back when we get a totally awesome parking spot (nerds). When walking back up to the bar we saw the line had doubled in length and the last of our group had just gone inside. I swear Bryan and I were pouting in line, we couldn't believe our luck at having to stand in this line, while everybody else was "stoked" to be waiting to get into the "Too Cool Bar".

After intense negotiations with the cool kids on the inside, us nerds decided we were going to go home. We drove home trying to make ourselves feel better saying, "We'd probably still be standing in line and that they're probably not having any fun." My nerdy husband and I were nice and tucked into bed by 10:45 on a Saturday night. I love being a nerd!

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