Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Wife!

Okay it's official, I'm the worst wife in the world. I totally forgot that yesterday was Father's Day!

Maybe it was the 5 hours of sleep I got for the whole weekend, or the hangover, depression over the amount of money we lost to the casinos or perhaps it was a combination of all the above. Whatever the cause, Bryan and I were getting ready to leave the hotel yesterday and when we got off the elevator he said to me: "So I guess I'll just go ahead and wish myself a Happy Father's Day then."

I almost died! I couldn't believe I had forgotten it was Father's Day. I'm sure I would have eventually remembered (I think). He was laughing and said the only reason he remembered was because he'd heard another person tell somebody Happy Father's Day. All day he kept teasing me about it, but I just felt so bad!

I still feel awful, because if the situation was reversed, and he'd forgotten Mother's Day I'd be on here venting about how big of an a** he was for forgetting Mother's Day. Now forever I'm going to be known as the a** who forgot it was Father's Day!


Superkid said...

not to rub it in but you didnt even see any Father's day commercials on T.V?

Superkid said...

ahh we all forget stuff

SoCalJenni said...

Nope, didn't even watch TV that morning. I woke up, went to get some breakfast, walked around the casino a little bit and then checked out of the room. When the TV was on we were watching discovery channel!

Jill said...

That so sounds like something I would do...but luckily haven't!