Thursday, June 21, 2007

My little Soap Opera queen

What do you think is the first sign you watch too many Soap Operas? How about when your 2 year old can sing the theme to Passions?

Yeah I said it, I watch that wacky show Passions. So what if it's the lowest rated Soap Opera, I just love all the crazy crap that happens on that show.

My husband was home from lunch one day and I had the TV on Passions. I don't always get to sit down and watch it, but if it's on and I'm busy I'll have it on just for background noise. So when they start playing the theme song, Dylan starts belting out every other word at the top of her lungs.

"Well I guess I know what mommy does all day long."

Sorry ladies I guess the secret is out. I blew our cover about having to take care of the kids, do house work and all the other crap SHAM's are doing. Now all our husbands are going to know we sit around and watch Soaps all day!

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