Saturday, June 2, 2007

I wish I could have seen this!

So my husband was at the store this morning and he told about something that happened that I just think is hilarious.

While he was in the check-out line there was a grumpy older gentleman in front of him. At this particular store when you pay cash and you get change, your coin change gets spit out from this little device instead of the cashier actually giving it to you.
So when the cashier said, "Four dollars is your change."
The old man spat back, "Where's my fifty cents?"
My hubby said the cashier just pointed to the change and didn't say anything, and the man grabbed his money and stormed off.
Then on his way out he grabbed a free apartment guide and when he went out the door the security alarm went off and he yelled, "What you're telling me these things aren't free?!"
The clerk just looked at the man, shook his head and said "You're fine."

I can just imagine the look on that man's face when the security alarm went off. When my husband first told me I couldn't stop laughing, that could be because I didn't have enough sleep last night however.