Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Newest craze in double strollers

I always used to wonder why manufactures put certain labels on products. Do they just think this planet is crawling with morons or what? For example; "never let a child play with plastic bags", "caution the beverage you're about to consume could be very hot" and the inspiration for my tale: strollers with the "basket" underneath for storage the label says "Never place a child inside the basket."

The first time I saw that, I thought well no s**t! I may not have any kids yet, but even I could figure that one out!

I will no longer question why manufacturers put labels on things. The other day I actually saw a woman pushing a stroller with one kid in the seat and a four year old stuffed into the basket. And let me just say that kid looked PISSED! He was sitting in it, just like it was another seat, his legs all wadded up in the basket. Maybe she's onto something though *rolls eyes*, she was probably looking at me pushing my double stroller and thinking "Sucker."

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