Thursday, June 21, 2007


Dearest neighbor-

Just so you know the painted red curbs in our neighborhood don't mean, "Go ahead and park your truck in front of me whenever you feel like it." It means "NO PARKING UNLESS YOU'RE A FIRETRUCK AND THIS NEIGHBORHOOD IS ON FIRE!"

Our streets are very narrow (as you may have noticed seeing as how you live here also) because our house were built on condo lots. There's not enough room for every Tom, Dick and Harry who live here to park their cars on the street (hence the red curbs jackass). Since you live directly across from me, when you decide to park your car in front of your house, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get out of my garage!

So darling neighbor, please stop parking in the street. Or next time I'm trying to back out of my garage, instead of taking 3 times to: back up-straighten-back up-straighten-drive off, I'm just going to back right into your piece of s**t truck.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Ann Non said...

I sense a little frustration.


breath in breath out

skigrl06 said...

woooo saaaaaaaaa
lol that's great