Friday, June 15, 2007

"Talented" Driver

Until yesterday I'd only heard of this phenomenon, I'd never actually seen this with my own eyes. I saw a man who was so good at driving he'd decided to add an element of excitement and danger to his drive, he was shaving!

Now I've seen people doing many "talented" things while driving: putting on makeup, reading, changing their clothes and so much more. Shaving and driving however, that's something new. Now it was an electric razor, so the danger to his face wasn't there, just the danger to those of us on the road. If this "talented" driver really wants to impress me go ahead and bust out your ever day razor and lets see what your face looks like at the end of your trip. If you can make it to your destination with your face and fellow commuters all in tact, then my dear sir you have real driving "talent".

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