Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It wasn't so bad!

So yesterday was a day that I've been dreading for a very long time...Dylan's first trip to the dentist. I'd put it off as long as possible because I could just imagine all the screaming, yelling, crying, running, hiding and shouting that was going to take place.

Finally the big day arrived. Daddy praticed dentist with her yesterday morning before he left for work. All day we talked about how she was going to go to the dentist and the man was going to look at her teeth, and if she was good they'd give her a new toothbrush. The whole time I just kept thinking, "There's no way in hell she's going to let some strange man look at her teeth."

We get to the office and my pulse is racing and I'm just a bundle of nerves. Dylan however is oblivious of my nervousness and is enjoying playing in the toddler loft. Finally she's called to the back and the tech says, "Come sit in the chair so I can take some pictures of your teeth."

"No," Dylan yells as she starts backing out the door. And so the nightmare begins I tell myself.
"Do you want to sit in mommy's lap?"
"NO," Dylan yells louder this time.
"I'll give you a special prize." Says the tech.

Presto those were the magic words. Dylan jumped into my lap and let her take x-rays of her teeth. I'm shocked because those pieces of paper (or whatever they are) hurt my mouth. I could see the pain on her face as she clenched her mouth closed, but she was my tough girl.

She even let them clean her teeth and poke and prod in her mouth. The dentist told me she was so shocked. "You're daughter is only one of about 5% of 2 year olds that we get to do anything with when they come here. We're lucky if we even get to get a quick look in their mouths at this age."

So instead of being totally embarrassed, my heart was swelling with pride at how brave and well behaved she was. Hell I'd be good for the dentist and maybe even look forward to going if I always got prizes, stickers and a new toothbrush when I went.

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