Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't Blink

Seriously where has the time gone? A month ago I swear I was 9 months pregnant with Justin complaining about how miserable I was:

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Two weeks ago I swear I was holding him in my arms for the first time:

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A few days ago I swear he just started sleeping through the night, okay well that actually did just start happening a few days ago.

When I was pregnant I used to get a slew of unsolicited advice from well meaning friends and strangers. I can't tell you how many people used to tell me, "Enjoy it, they grow up way to fast." I remember smiling politely while in my head rolling my eyes and thinking, "Sure time just flies." I put that high on the worthless advice list, right up there with my favorite piece of advice from my FIL, "When they fall down don't react. They only cry because you react when they fall down." Oh really so my kid smacking their head on the coffee table warrants a, "Shake it off kid." Or how about when they fall and cut their knee open we just take them out back and rub some dirt in it. Sorry for the mini tangent there.

Last week I was having a serious case of baby fever and I've now attributed that to the fact my babies are growing up. Justin turned 10 months yesterday. Long gone are his helpless, laying there like a big blob, baby days. Within the span of three days last week Justin pulled himself up, took a couple of steps while cruising along the couch and took two steps from the couch to the coffee table. It hit me like a ton of dirty diapers, my baby is no longer a baby.

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Soon he's going to be chasing his sister around the house driving her insane. This moment is bittersweet for me. For years I've dreamed of watching my kids run around the house playing together wreaking havoc wherever they go. With this dream now on the brink of being reached, I've realized that it means a farewell to babies in my household.

If any members of my family read this post you better get started on making some nieces and nephews for me, like YESTERDAY!

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